haii im vio!! i am the owner and creator of crunch crd co! this is my resource carrd home to everything i personally use for my carrds + anything i think would be useful!psa: click on yeonjun to learn even more about me!links: main twt 4 crd twt 4 rkive 4 comms crd 4 pinterest 4 youtube 4 retrospring 4 referral codeall rights reserved © dollbahi

Update Log05/06/22 crunch crd co was created!06/24/22 changed the layout to what is now seulgi crd co07/28/22 added fonts and a new music player!09/27/22 changed the layout again...02/01/23 changed the layout AGAIN... but also removed some broken links added fonts, new codes blah blah blah03/14/23 deleted some old links that didnt work and added css framework sites in the codes section + added a new resource carrd link!04/19/23 added some new codes under the misc section, added new resource crds, new fonts, and added a "new" tab marker so u can tell what was newly added :)05/19/23 woah freakkyy exactly a month later.... anyways i fixed a bug in the code that displayed the fonts all weird so yay03/31/24 finally updated the layout to this crd! i also added a media page and will eventually add a tutorial page! + i fixed some links that no longer work :)05/27/24 added a kofi button if anyone wants to support me through there!05/28/24 added a VERY good pixel resource in the decorative section like omggg its my new fav07/10/24 added colorhexa! a very cool color hex tool check it out if you need help with a color scheme :3

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Text Codes

text with border 1 4 text with border 2 4 gradient text 4 floating text 4 marquee text 4 bubble text 4 pop text 4 curved text 4 rubberband text 4 bouncy 1 4 bouncy 2 4 website button with blinking cursor 4 animated link underlines on hover 4 triple outline

Scroll Codes

simple border 4 double border 4 no border 4 expand on hover 4 title text disappears when scrollbox expands 4 dashed border 4 colored bg 4 gradient bg 4 uneven border 4 scrollbox with mark 4 two fonts in a scrollbox 4 brown lace border 4 box shake blur and scroll to reveal scrollbox

Music Codes

image music player 4 gradient circle music player 4 draggable music player 4 circle pop music player 4 marquee music player w pixel 4 circle spin music player 4 spinning cd music player 4 pixel to music player on hover 4 cutie circular music player 4 speaker music player 4 pixel soundwave music player 4 marquee music player 4 square pixel music player idk 4 simple music player 4 music player in a container 4 headphone gradient circle music player 4 2000's music player

Image Codes

hot pink lace 4 basic lace border 4 hearts mask 4 hello kitty mask 4 bouncing flip heart slideshow 4 spin img 4 floating img 4 pop img 4 wobbling img

Misc Codes

hello kitty website counter 4 hidden scrollbar 4 old web scrollbar 4 7css scrollbar 4 simple drop down menu 4 cbox 4 counter 1 4 counter 2 4 cute cursors 4 typing tab title 4 go girl games typing button 4 marquee tab title 4 message alert when page opens 4 disable left click + alert 4 click sound effect 4 tabs thingy 4 rising cbox on hover 4 falling imgs 4 bubble cursor 4 clicksplosion 1 4 clicksposion 2 4 alternative cbox 4 update log 4 password protection on standard 4 New! custom highlight 4 New! disable all shortcut keys 4 New! media rule

CSS Frameworks

7.css 4 98.css 4 XP.css 4 NES.css 4 clay.css 4 paper.css

My Fav Fonts

windows 95aespachemreromanticyipeskiwi soda

More Fonts


lovely valentinerainyheartsadabellemagicachristmoonBarbie



dinomikobeatlesblowzymount hillswillondShutter


alstoriamagazinerain kissgirlssant joanbratz



sakemoruHantamsweetNeurockhello kittykosmos

sweetfarmcupcakequick lovestarbornpowerpuffpsyche


Pink Backgrounds

Purple Backgrounds

Blue Backgrounds


coming soon...


haiii im vio! or vee :3
20 it/bun/they prns <33
pan mexican enby
aquarius (0218) eng/spa OK!
likes bx <333 sanrio, kirby!!!, deco, yeonjuns aotm, soobin noises, the color pink, my cats :P, coding, music, old web design, and plushies!more pls credit dollbahi if you rm pls! all carrds you see credited to nomskoo / doiibahi / crrdcore are mine!